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Here at Dust, Sweat, & Boots for Homesteading, I am hoping this site will be a place everyone will come to find information, solace, enjoyment, humor, and a key to your own imagination. Throughout my life, I have taken many adventures in several different directions resulting in finding either who I didn’t want to be or the person I worked to become. In this website, I will strive to share information, experiences, homesteading ideas, and personal thoughts to brighten your life.  Hopefully, all my blogs here on Dust, Sweat, & Boots for Homesteading will help amuse, enlighten and educate you as you read my blogs.


                                                   My wonderful girls!               


Curious Rambouillet Ewes
Rambouillet Ewes


Every day is a new and beautiful experience with my livestock. Not only do they make my days more fulfilled, they produce meat and fleece. The meat (lambs) we sell and the fleece I keep and process it into yarn. In the early Spring, we shear them before the babies are born. I take the fleece (wool) wash it, card it and finally spin it into yarn to knit to my heart’s desire.


Whether it is sheep or silly goats. I never know what my day will be like. But one thing for sure, it will be great. My goats are the comedians of the bunch. With all their jumping and hopping it is entertainment all day long. Their mother’s on the other hand are hard workers after they give birth. Two weeks after they have their kids I start milking them. I only milk once a day because my schedule doesn’t allow more. I separate them from their kids at night and milk in the morning. They spend the rest of the day with mom out eating and getting fat.

Goat Kids

We will meet in the kitchen and bake a pie! The easiest and best pie recipe.

My Neighbor’s Apple Pie


Using your plants & herbs from your yard.

Here at Dust, Sweat, & Boots For Homesteading, I will show you that the simplest and cheapest way for salads, salves, ointments, and syrups come from the plants and bushes around you. Dandelions, elderberries, wild onions, yarrow, plantain, and many others make wonderful home remedies for all ailments.


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