A Day In The Life Of A Craft Fair



Craft Fairs are as American as apple pie, rodeos, and County Fairs.  They are the bread & butter for crafters.  It’s where we can get our product out in the public, sell, and get notoriety. The best thing is that they can see what they are going to buy and a Craft Fair. If it’s food, they can taste it.  With our soaps and lotion, they can smell it and try it on their skin. It’s really a fun time.

We only do two or three Craft Fairs a year that are scheduled around the Holidays. We are going to try something different this year and do a summertime Craft Fair  In our little town, we have a celebration week where the community comes out and celebrates in June, “Hells Canyon Days”.  There are all sorts of activities and food.  Car & Truck show, tractor show, toy show, bull riding, artisan booths, and of course tons of food!

Um!  Homemade pies! Bar B Que, Chile, and everything else that goes with a “fair” setting.  Getting ready for one of these craft fairs is always a little nerve-racking.  You never know if you are going to do well or if you will be taking all your products home again.   The public is a very unpredictable creature.  Hopefully, there will be a lot of tourists wanting to buy, buy, buy souvenirs they can take home from their vacation.

Homemade Pies & Bread

Well, day 1 in the books. Tomorrow should be much better as there will be more activities going on in town to draw more people.  Lots of good stuff!

Oh, and yes, our soaps and lotion (and my sister).  We set up our booths and put on our smiles. It’s always a great time to catch up with neighbors and meet new friends. We always get to walk around to the other booths and see what is selling or what we can buy.

Homemade loaves of bread, pies, woodworks, antiques, Jellies, soaps, jewelry, and lots more to see.  Popcorn, candy, cotton candy, donuts, and lots of calories.

My sister sets up her jellies, artisan loaves of bread, and whatever else she decides to sell at her booth. I set up with our goat milk products, soaps, lotion, and lip balm at my booth. We usually have one booth for all of it.  Not this year.  We wanted to see which booth drew more customers.

Saturday was a long day and not as great as we expected. We made some money and got our name out there!  This was the first year they had the craft building set up, we didn’t really expect a lot.  Next year we might try it again.  It’s great socializing with everyone you don’t get to see very often.  You get to see their children growing and catch up on the latest community news.

Handmade Crafts


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