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Wow, what would life be like if no one in the world worried?  If they never cared about anyone else’s color, race, religion, or sexual orientation?  In a day, how much energy does a person exhaust wondering what people think about them? Or worry about how other people are different?

Think about it.
If only a person could just walk through their life not thinking about these things. What if someone came up to you and said, “hi, I’m a gay atheist”?   Then all you did was say, “oh, that’s nice” and went on about your business.   Never giving these statements another thought.

The world wouldn’t explode, the galaxy wouldn’t implode and no one would be upset. Wow!  If people could only take this idea and apply it for a day, then the next day.  Do you think somehow it could catch on? People do things out of habit and social pressure.

Make it your habit to not give a second thought to what another person is or even yourself.  We are people, that is all.  We come in different packaging with different uses and expectations but we do not have to compare ourselves to everyone else or speculate why they are not like us.
As I go through my day, I do not think I give much notice to what color, religion, or anything else I am unless someone brings it to my attention.  Even then I only give it a ‘hmm’ and move on to whatever I was doing. People will say it is because I’m not this, that, or the other but if you don’t care what you are no one else will either.

This is probably very Polly Ana thinking, but if only ten people tried this and made it part of their life, that is ten more people that will not be worrying about what people think about what they are or what someone else is.
I am not saying this will change the problems of the world but it can be like a small pebble in a large lake and who knows how far the ripples will go.  All it takes is someone to start the process.  Nothing changes until you throw that first pebble in the water or push the first domino.


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