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Do you want to make your own medicinal salve?  We’ve always known how to grow some of our own food including fruits and vegetables.  Our own meat, wool, feed for our animals, and trees for housing and furniture.  What about medicines?  People make tinctures and teas, so why not salves and oils?

God has given us, on this earth, everything we need to exist.  Food, clothing, housing, heating, cooling, washing, entertainment, and even medicine.  Some of this information has dwindled down to us.

Our recent changes in lifestyle have given a great many of us reason to pause and look at what in our lives we can make for ourselves instead of relying on others.  Obviously, there are huge options and also limitations.

Western pharmaceuticals have their place when they are needed.  But what if we could make and use our own for the simple things that have outrageous costs and have who knows what chemicals in them.Make Your Own Wonderful Medicinal Salve

Societies have been making and using home remedies for centuries but for some reason, our “advanced” civilization has decided that chemicals are better and have given up on these natural cures.  Eastern societies to this day continue to benefit from these as do some more natural cultures.

I’ve been playing around with medicinal plants this summer, which I have found in and around my pastures.  Yarrow, Plantain, mullein, dandelions, and others and learning about their particular abilities.  I found a recipe online that sounded like it was what I wanted but maybe I could make it a little better so I experimented.  Here’s what I came up with and it works great for the arthritic pain in my hands and fingers from the ranch work I do and my knitting.

Yarrow is a great blood-stopper, pain reliever, and antimicrobial.


Plantain has been used for bites and relieves inflammation.Yanten (aka Broadleaf Plantain) is one of the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal crops in the world. (Leaves)

Comfrey has had a bad rap, unfortunately, as it contains some poisonous chemicals,  pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Applied to the skin it is known to relieve soreness from arthritis pain, gout, bruises, and fractures.

Chickweed helps with burns, eczema, bug bites, itchy skin, rashes, and psoriasis. Eat the Weeds: Chickweed - Plant Talk

Lemongrass is known for antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and insecticidal properties.    How to Grow Lemongrass | Gardener's Path

I started out by making yarrow & plantain-infused olive oil in a glass gallon jug.  Filling the jug about 1/3 full with the plant matter and then covered it and about 2” over with olive oil. I then let it sit in a sunny window for about 5 or 6 weeks.

At the end of that time, I placed comfrey, chickweed, and lemongrass in a pint jar and covered it with almond oil, and heated it by placing it in the water on a hot pad in my crockpot on low for 72 hours.  After 72 hours I took a piece of cheesecloth and poured the oil from the pint jar through.

I filled the rest of the jar with the Yarrow & Plantain infused oil. I added some cocoa butter and beeswax to thicken.  It was pretty much a guessing game with these last two ingredients.  Probably about a teaspoon of cocoa butter and 2 tablespoons of beeswax beads.  I wanted to keep it as natural as possible.

It has that great plantain green color and I also added eucalyptus and lemon essential oils for scent.

I’ve used it on cuts and it stopped the bleeding, I’ve used it on small burns and immediately stopped the pain and kept it from coming back. I put it on my hands before bed like hand cream for my achy joints.  In the morning they work just like 10 years ago. I’m no pharmacist, but this stuff really works!

Go out in the world and find what you can use or make so you don’t have to rely on others. God gave it to us, use it.


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