The Absolutely Wonderful World Of Ranch Life

                                                                               Seasons change, but things stay the same!

Ranch life is wonderful but the work is never-ending or easy.  The days are getting shorter but the work isn’t getting less.  Having animals you don’t get to play by the clock or calendar.  In fact, if there’s a holiday or you need to go somewhere, they will find a way to make you late or get in the way of your fun.  It never fails that I think I have everything taken care of and settle down for the evening and guess what?  The goats get out!  So out I go out to find the hole and put them back in their pasture.  But that’s the life of a rancher.

I love my milk goats even though they are horrible about staying in fences.  When they do get out all I usually have to do is either take off on the ATV or yell at them and here they come.  Running to look for a hole in the fence to get through before I get there.  They are handled so much when they are being milked they do know their names and will usually come when called unless they get an attitude and decide to ignore me.  Today they are pushing their luck!

                                                                                Going for a walkabout!
Breeding time is officially over for the girls.  I have put the buck in his own pen. Now I can put the little doelings in with the adults of the herd to herd-up before winter gets here.  Max, our buck, is not happy.  He has been spending his time preening with his “sweet” smelling cologne to entice the ladies and I have ruined all his plans.  He is in jail!  I have had to become very ingenious, to say the least, to keep him behind bars.  Some of his girlfriends are also a little grumpy with this new situation. Oh, well, in a few months they’ll be wishing they never saw this boy or smelled his cologne.
My husband is a truck driver so we use semi-truck hoods for shelter for the goats during the winter. These are the best things we have found.   The goats can’t hurt them, they’re waterproof, one piece and I can move most of them by myself.  The only problem with them is when we get too much rain.  There is no way of keeping the rain from going in under the hoods.  Goats hate mud.  So, in the barn, they go.  But that won’t be for a while yet, I hope.

Every day the temperature gets a little cooler and the trees turn a little more yellow and orange.  The bare branches will soon be covered with fluffy white snow, and the water will freeze, the walkways will be covered and needed to be shoveled. There will be water heaters put in the tanks so the animals will have water without ice.  The girl’s bellies will grow and soon the barn will explode with life. Nothing is better than bringing new life into the world whether it is animal or human, the cycle keeps going.

                                                                                       Three Amigos
I hope you will come by and check out my upcoming blogs with more entertainment, information, and beautiful pictures. There will always be more to come with everything that goes on on the ranch.  New life, new adventures, new ideas.

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